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What does WDYM mean?

WDYM means what do you mean. It could also mean what did you mean.

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WDYM Meaning
Find out what WDYM means and how it is used.

WDYM is an initialism that is used exclusively online, usually in a conversation between two or more people. Unlike many initialisms and slang terms which are used as statements, WDYM is always posed as a question: “what do you mean?”.

Where is WDYM used?

WDYM is used exclusively online on platforms that allow users to talk to each other, like Facebook (chat), Instagram (DMs, comments), Twitter (threads and responses), Reddit, etc. It is also used during conversations in text messages.

WDYM is used on the follow platforms and places:

  • texting
  • online conversation
  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
An example of the initialism WDYM in a text message.
An example of the initialism WDYM in a text message.

How is WDYM used?

It is typically used between people who are chatting when one person is unclear on what another person means. Instead of asking them “what do you mean?”, you can simply type “WDYM?” and hopefully receive a sufficiently enlightening response.

Do people say WDYM out loud?

No – it actually takes longer to say the initialism than it does to say “what do you mean”.

Example Uses of WDYM

In a text message:
Yo bro, WDYM when you say help him out? Should I give him money?

Someone was told to help someone else out, but they're not exactly sure what helping someone else out means.

In a text message:
WDYM clean my room? I literally just cleaned it!!!

A kid cleaned their room, but perhaps it is still not clean enough for their parent who just told them to clean it again.

On Discord:
WDYM I can't buy it? I bought one yesterday...

Someone hears that they can't buy something despite just buying that thing.

On Facebook Messenger:

Person A tells person B to come over, but person B doesn't know where person A lives.

On Snapchat:
No trespassing? WDYM?

Someone posts a photo of them standing behind a no trespassing sign.

On Reddit:
This isn't a good title for the thread? WDYM? I think it's great!

Someone is told that the title of their post isn't good, but they don't understand why.

On Twitter:

Person A is told to follow person B on Twitter, but they already follow person B.

Who uses WDYM?

WDYM seems to be used more often by younger people who grew up using internet slang, initialism and acronyms within online conversations.

In some parts of the internet, people will avoid the use of initialisms and instead use the full phrase as a matter of formality.

History of WDYM

First Use

WDYM was first added to Urban Dictionary on November 10, 2010. Google searches for the term began appearing around that time as well.

Data from Google Trends showing the popularity of searches for WDYM.
Data from Google Trends showing the popularity of searches for WDYM.

Rise in Popularity

It wasn’t until 2015-2016 that WDYM really began increasing in popularity. We’re not exactly sure why, but it could be attributed to the increase in popularity of platforms such as Discord that allow people to chat with each other in a very informal manner.

Interestingly, it has not really declined in popularity yet, which suggests there are many people who continue to encounter the initialism for their first time.

What was used before WDYM?

Before the initialism was used, people would just use “what do you mean”.

Other Definitions of WDYM

WDYM can also mean:

  • what did you mean

what did you mean

Basically the same thing, but in the past tense.