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What does OTD mean?

OTD means On This Day. It could also mean Out The Door or On This Date.

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OTD Meaning
Find out what OTD means and how it is used.

OTD is an initialism that stands for “on this day”. It is often used in article titles and in social media posts that discuss past events.

OTD is also an abbreviation for “Doctor of Occupational Therapy”.

Where is OTD used?

OTD is often in used on social networking websites, forums and in titles of news articles and blog posts.

OTD is used on the follow platforms and places:

  • online conversation
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
An example of the initialism OTD in a text message.
An example of the initialism OTD in a text message.

How is OTD used?

OTD is used when talking about past events. For example, a news article on the 25th anniversary of the opening of a museum may have the title “OTD 25 Years Ago, Art Museum Opens”.

Do people say OTD out loud?

No; instead, they would say “on this day”.

Example Uses of OTD

On Instagram:
OTD seven years ago I had my first child!

A caption on an Instagram post of a photo of someone in the hospital after giving birth.

On Instagram:
OTD five years ago I learned that I had skin cancer.

An Instagram caption on a post where someone talks about the day they received their skin cancer diagnosis.

On Facebook:

A Facebook post about a classic movie.

On Twitter:

The start of a Twitter thread about some political history.

On LinkedIn:
OTD 75 years ago, this man started the company!

A LinkedIn post about the founder of a family business.

On Twitter:

Someone being very humble about the price of their vehicle.

On online conversation:
Which OTD programs do you think I should apply to?

Someone asking their friend what Doctor of Occupational Therapy programs they should apply to.

Who uses OTD?

OTD can be used by pretty much anyone who uses the internet, which is… a lot of people.

History of OTD

First Use

It is not clear to use when OTD was first used. We like to look at Google Trends to get an idea of when people began searching for a given slang term, but since OTD also means “Doctor of Occupational Therapy”, we really have no idea.

Data from Google Trends showing the popularity of searches for OTD.
Data from Google Trends showing the popularity of searches for OTD.

Rise in Popularity

Since around 2013, Google searches for OTD have increased slightly. We plan to do an analysis on news article titles as well.

What was used before OTD?


Other Definitions of OTD

OTD can also mean:

  • Out The Door
  • On This Date

Out The Door

OTD can be used to mean “out the door” in the context of the cost of an item. For example, if you buy a new car, there will be additional fees and taxes to take into account, so you might say that you paid X amount “OTD”.

On This Date

OTD can also be used to mean “on this date”, which is very similar to “on this day”.