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What does HTH mean?

HTH means Hope This Helps. It could also mean Hope That Helps.

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HTH Meaning
Find out what HTH means and how it is used.

HTH is an initialism that stands for “hope this helps”. It is often used either sincerely or sarcastically after giving advice.

Where is HTH used?

HTH is often used on Twitter, as well as on other social networks. It can also be used on various discussion forums, in comments and sometimes in texting.

HTH is used on the follow platforms and places:

  • texting
  • online conversation
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
An example of the initialism HTH in a text message.
An example of the initialism HTH in a text message.

How is HTH used?

HTH can be used in two ways: sincerely or sarcastically.

The term is sometimes used after giving advice to let the person or people to whom you gave advice know that you were being sincere and that you hope your advice helps them. For example, someone may ask a question about fixing your computer, so you respond with a list of steps to take to fix the problem, finally saying “… and now it should work fine. HTH!”.

The term is also used – perhaps most commonly – in a joking, sarcastic or dismissive way. For example, someone may ask a silly question like “I dropped my phone out of an airplane and now it won’t turn on, how do I fix it?” to which you may respond “Buy a new one. HTH.”.

Do people say HTH out loud?

No, but people will sometimes say “hope that helps” after giving out advice.

Example Uses of HTH

On online conversation:
Just turn it off and turn it on again. HTH.

Someone jokingly responds to someone's question about why their computer isn't working correctly.

On Facebook:

A business owner responds to a Facebook comment asking when they're open on a post about their business hours.

On Twitter:

Someone on Twitter gives someone advice.

On online conversation:
No, you can't use this software with your computer because it's incompatible. HTH.

Someone responds to a question about whether or not their software will work on a customer's computer.

On Twitter:

Someone on Twitter tells someone that they voted for the wrong person.

Who uses HTH?

HTH is used by a wide range of people, but it seems to be used most often by people who spend a lot of time online.

History of HTH

First Use

We aren’t sure when it was first used, but HTH was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2004 as “hope that helps”. In 2010, it was defined as “hope this helps” (used sarcastically).

Data from Google Trends showing the popularity of searches for HTH meaning.
Data from Google Trends showing the popularity of searches for HTH meaning.

Rise in Popularity

According to Google Trends, searches for “HTH meaning” have been increasing since 2010.

What was used before HTH?

Before using HTH, people likely just typed out “hope this helps” or “hope that helps”.

Other Definitions of HTH

HTH can also mean:

  • Hope That Helps

Hope That Helps

Basically the same thing as “hope this helps”.