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Below are numerous slang terms, acronyms, and hashtags that are used often in social networking apps like Instagram and Vine, and on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google Plus, Reddit, Craigslist, etc. Many of these terms are acronyms used to make communication quicker and more effective. There are many Instagram hashtag meanings for some of the most popular tags. Acronyms used commonly on reddit, including the names of popular subreddits are listed as well. The slang dictionary includes terms that are used in text, email, and IRC conversations.

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<3 MeaningHeart, love
ABDL Meaning: Adult Baby Diaper Lover
ATM Meaning: At the Moment

BAE MeaningBabe, Before Anyone Else (backronym)
BTW MeaningBy The Way
CL MeaningCraigslist
CTFU MeaningCracking the Fuck Up
F4F MeaningFollow for follow
FBF MeaningFlashback Friday
FML MeaningFuck My Life
FOH Meaning: Fuck Outta’ Here
FTW MeaningFuck the World
GTFO MeaningGet the Fuck Out
HMU MeaningHit Me Up
ICYMI MeaningIn Case You Missed It
IDFWU MeaningI Don’t Fuck With You
IIRC MeaningIf I Recall Correctly 
ISO MeaningIn Search Of
L4L MeaningLike for like
MCE MeaningMan Crush Everyday
MCM MeaningMan Crush Monday
OOTD MeaningOutfit of the Day
OOTW MeaningOutfit of the Week
SMH MeaningShaking My Head
SS MeaningSelfie Sunday
TB MeaningThrowback
TBH MeaningTo Be Honest
TBT MeaningThrowback Thursday
TFTI MeaningThanks for the Information
TGOD MeaningTaylor Gang or Die
THOT MeaningThat Hoe Over There
TY MeaningThank You
VSCO MeaningVisual Supply Co.
WCW MeaningWoman Crush Wednesday
WYD MeaningWhat You Doing?
YH MeaningYeah

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