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Craigslist Slang – Craigslist Acronyms and Lingo

Craigslist Slang Dictionary – Understand Craigslist Acronyms, Slang and Lingo

There are a lot of slang terms and acronyms used on Craigslist. After browsing through a number of listings, you’re almost guaranteed to come across a slang term or acronym that you don’t understand. You may also want to be able to communicate with buyers or sellers easer. We’re here to help you understand Craigslist slang with our ‘Craigslist Slang Dictionary’.

AFAIK Craigslist Meaning – As Far As I Know
ABDL Craigslist Meaning – Adult Baby Diaper Lover
A/S/L Craigslist Meaning – Age, Sex, Location
BBW Craigslist Meaning – Big Beautiful Woman
BF Craigslist Meaning – Boyfriend
BRB Craigslist Meaning – Be Right Back
BTW Craigslist Meaning – By The Way
CE Craigslist Meaning – Casual Encounters
CL Craigslist Meaning – Craigslist

DIY Craigslist Meaning – Do It Yourself
EOM Craigslist Meaning – End Of Message
FAQ Craigslist Meaning – Frequently Asked Questions
FWIW Craigslist Meaning – For What It’s Worth
IE Craigslist Meaning – Internet Explorer
GF Craigslist Meaning – Girlfriend
HWP Craigslist Meaning – Height / Weight Proportionally
IIRC Craigslist Meaning – If I Recall Correctly
IMHO Craigslist Meaning – In My Humble Opinion
IRL Craigslist Meaning – In Real Life
ISO Craigslist Meaning – In Search Of
JK Craigslist Meaning – Just Kidding
LTR Craigslist Meaning – Long Term Relationship
LOL Craigslist Meaning – Laugh Out Loud
LMAO Craigslist Meaning – Laughing My Ass Off
M4M Craigslist Meaning – Men-for-men / Men Seeking Men
M4W Craigslist Meaning – Men-for-women / Men Seeking Women
MC Craigslist Meaning – Missed Connections
NSA Craigslist Meaning – No Strings Attached
OBO Craigslist Meaning – Or Best Offer
OMG Craigslist Meaning – Oh My God
OP Craigslist Meaning – Original Poster
PeFo Craigslist Meaning – Personal Forum
POV Craigslist Meaning – Point Of View
QuFo Craigslist Meaning – Queer Forum
R&R Craigslist Meaning – Rants and Raves
RoFO Craigslist Meaning – Romantic Forum
SO Craigslist Meaning – Significant Other
THX Craigslist Meaning – Thanks
TTYL Craigslist Meaning – Talk To You Later

W4M Craigslist Meaning – Woman-for-man / Women Seeking Men
W4W Craigslist Meaning – Women-for-women / Women Seeking Women
WTB Craigslist Meaning – Want To Buy
WIFO Craigslist Meaning – Women’s Issues Forum
WoPoFo Craigslist Meaning – World Politics Forum
WTF Craigslist Meaning – What The Fuck
WYSIWYG Craigslist Meaning – What You See Is What You Get

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