ATM Meaning

ATM Meaning: What does ATM mean?

Find the meaning of ATM used on social media, in text, or in messages.

It’s very likely that you’ve heard the ATM Acronym or hashtag used in an online chat, in a text, in a social media app such as Instagram or Vine, or on a website like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. We are here to provide you with the #ATM meaning and give you some examples of its uses and its users.

What does ATM mean? At The Moment

ATM meaning is At The Moment

ATM means At The Moment

ATM Meaning - What does ATM mean?

An example of the ATM abbreviation used on Facebook.

Online: ATM meaning online is At The Moment. The abbreviation is used most often in online chat or in text messaging when a person wants to know what you’re currently doing, or wants to tell you what they’re currently doing. It can also be used on social media websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. by people who’d like to tell people what they’re currently up to, or doing “at the moment”.

Other Meaning: ATM could also stand for Automated Teller Machine – you know, the things that spit money out at the bank or a convenience store. 

Example 1.) “I’m not doing anything ATM, is there anything I can help you with so we can hang out sooner?”.
Example 2.) “I’m extremely busy ATM, I’ll hit you up later if I can make it over there.”.